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Welcome to Hampton Collections!

Hi, my name is Orla. I am the proud owner and founder of Hampton Collections. I am the mother of two daughters (Jennifer and Sarah) who have a wonderful eye for style.

Jennifer and Sarah, have both been through the debs journey, bought magnificent (expensive!) dresses for their own special day. What I hadn’t bargained for, was the many, exciting  return invites! …Hang on! What do mean that you can’t were the same dress again!

As you might have expected, I was delighted to splash out for the first dress. But, when it came to buying another dress for the “return invite”, I was having a bit of a problem!  To be honest, over the course of time, we actually found it difficult to source other suitable dresses. Although, there were hundreds available online, some deliveries proved to be disastrous, as the sizing was far from accurate. As it turned out, we spent more time (and expense!) returning dresses rather than keeping them.

So, all of this got me thinking…

Why not, view  dresses online in the comfort of your own home, with the option of being able to try on your potential dress(es) without the troublesome (and often expensive!) returns process!

Hampton Collections makes wearing an exclusive dress a reality. Let us help you have the WOW dress for your special occasion. 


Orla xx

P.S.  Jennifer and Sarah are still my style counsel. Trust me, nothing gets through our front door until its vetted by them!! 💃😉

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