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  • How do I make an appointment to try dresses?
    Appointments can be made via text, phone call, and Whats App on 087 2392378 or via email at When available, evening and out of hours appointments can be made.
  • What if I need a different size or colour?
    My supplier is very efficient and can have a different size or colour delilvered to me within 3 working days.
  • How do I pay for my dress?
    Dresses can be paid with cash or credit card. Unfortunately, cheques cannot be accepted.
  • What is your return policy?
    A dress may be exchanged within 7 days for full refund or exchange. There is no exchange or refund after 7 days.
  • Do you have other dresses available that are not on your website?
    Yes, new styles come in all the time and may not yet appear on the website. If you favour a particular colour or size, we can contact you to inform you if we have further styles in stock. A WhatsApp picture can be sent to your phone.
  • Will I see my dress at other events?
    We guarantee that you will not see your dress at your function. Careful and considered recording of the dresses wil be carried out to ensure your chosen dress will not be duplicated at your event.
  • How soon can I have my dress if it's not in stock?
    Our supplier in London has a very exciting selection for us this season. Your dress can be ordered in your size in a variety of colours. We can expect delivery of your dress within 3 working days.
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